aliberti is a company of modern constructional technology and electrical equipment, as far as switches, plugs, ventilators, bells and front door push buttons are concerned, which has a 35 years presence in Greece. It was established having as a unique aim to ensure the quality, the appropriate production procedure with competitive prices of its products and the continuous improvement so as to cover the increasing needs of its clients. The experience of the company concerning the
market demands is big, owing to the complete professionalism of its administrational members as well as due to the right training of its employees in
every field in which the firm is active. The technical department having acquired a great experience, has the potential of handling every challenge providing
with the best result.

The company aliberti, having acquired the construction know how from the most profound companies abroad, is able to study, design and create absolutely competitive products. In addition, it has the potential to support a complete after sales service offering immediate response to every need of its clients.

The company aliberti provides a complete and safe solution for any demand concerning electrical systems. All its products are adjustable to old construction demanding no particular reconstruction.
The factory facilities at 6.100 m2 are completely equipped with machines of contemporary type that ensure the absolute quality since the company is certified with ISO 9001, the perfect design and the precise delivery of its products.